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Electric Fence

Superior perimeter security!

Our electric fences operate by sending electrical pulses around the fencing system. These pulses give would-be intruders a short and painful shock should they try and perpetrate your property. The shock is safe but acts as a warning and deterrent to the intruder… working as a psychological barrier. If intruders then proceed to invade your property by climbing the fence or tampering with the fence, an alarm will activate. Our perimeter systems successfully deny intruder entry!



We’ll design a perimeter security system customised to your requirements.


Our experienced technicians will efficiently install and instruct you on the various options and features.


We’ll stick around after the installation to ensure your perimeter security system works for you into the future.


Should you need repairs our technicians will do this in a flash.

All our fences are compliant with regulations and international standards. Proven reliability means you can rest assured, you’re fully protected!

Our perimeter security systems are a cost effective solution offering low installation costs and very reasonable on-going running expenses. ADH Fencing solutions are extremely user-friendly that means you and your employees can operate the system.

ADH Fencing security solutions are ideal for protection of outdoor external perimeters, fences, walls, boundaries and roofs. Manufactured from high quality, corrosive resistant material ensures longevity of operation for many years to come.

Call ADH Fencing today. You can count on us to fully service your security needs!

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